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Petrochemical & Refineries

Maintenance contract for the entire refractory maintenance of two of South Africa’s major petrochemical refineries incorporating units such as;

  • Fluid Catalytic Cracking Unit – FCCU
  • Sulphur Recovery Unit – SRU
  • Waste heat boilers
  • Primary and secondary reformers including catalyst support mushroom
  • Synthol Loops
  • Fired heaters
  • Electric arc furnace
  • Cyclones
  • Ducting
  • Burner quarls
  • Boilers
  • Visbreakers
  • Chimney stacks
  • Heat exchangers
  • Vacuum furnaces

Awarded the contract for the turnkey refractory design and installation to two new Sulphur Recovery Units (SRU) at the ASTRON ENERGY.


  • Fire protection to entire plant at Arcelor Mittal’s Saldanha Steel mill
  • Design supply and install refractories to pusher reheat furnaces
  • Refractory maintenance including hard refractory and ceramic fibre module lining to roller reheat furnace
  • Fast track refractory repairs at various plants during shutdown periods
  • Lining of gas and oil fired ladle preheaters
  • Design, fabricate and supply electric preheaters for ladles
  • Lining of electric Bell Furnaces
  • Entire redesign of refractories in Non Oxidising Furnace. Manufacture, supply and installation of new Mullite fibre module lining
  • Supply and installation of linings to ladles
  • Casting and gunniting to ducting and chimney stacks

Cement & Lime

  • New linings and repairs to rotary kilns
  • Casting of rotary kiln burner tubes
  • Linings and repairs Rapid coolers
  • Preheaters


  • Turnkey supply and installation of refractories to state of the art shuttle kilns, kiln cars, ducting and scrubber at ceramic catalytic converter manufacturing facility
  • Ongoing regular maintenance to kiln cars and shuttle kilns

Heat Treatment Industry

  • Design of new furnaces
  • Turnkey projects to build new furnace
  • Supply all refractory material
  • On-Site repairs
  • Installation of new linings


  • New linings and relines of high temperature ilmenite dryers
  • Acid resistant linings to acid plants


  • Entire reline of reverb furnace


  • Turnkey design, manufacture, supply and install low thermal mass kiln car refractory systems at numerous clay brick manufacturers
  • Refractory lining of tunnel and shuttle kilns
  • Turnkey projects of converting dense refractory tunnel kiln roof refractories to low thermal mass ceramic fibre module linings at numerous clay brick factories


  • Design, manufacture and supply of crucible furnaces
  • General maintenance to various types of furnaces , runners, etc
  • New linings and relines of top hat and other types of heat treatment furnaces


  • New linings and repairs to glass tanks
  • Manufacturing of precast burner quarls


  • Boiler refractory relines and maintenance
  • Rotary Kiln refractory repairs and maintenance
  • Refractory repairs to scrubbers


  • Rotary kiln linings and repairs
  • Casting of refractory to rotary kiln burner tubes
  • Boilers
  • Copeland Reactors
  • Driers
  • Sulphur Burners
  • Entire linings to new fluidised bed combustors and high temperature dryers

Construction & Civil

  • Construction, Civil & Structural Steel
    • Bond-deck
    • Shear studs

    Cape refractory shear-studsShear studs installed









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    • Cape Town Stadium
    • Cape Town International Air Port
    • V&A Waterfront
    • Netcare Christian Barnard Hospital helipad
    • Breakwater Hotel